There were four seasons of Beetlejuice. The first season was 13 episodes and ran on ABC in 1989. The second and third seasons were 8 episodes apiece and also ran on ABC, in 1990 and 1991 respectively. The fourth season was 65 episodes and ran on FOX simulataneously with the third season. This episode guide is complete for titles as of 11/13/97, verified for seasons as of 3/30/98, and verified for airing order as of 11/11/98.

What the codes mean

A-HA! *
Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 2-7b
When Doomie disappears BJ becomes the famed Neitherworld detective Sherlock Homely in order to track him down.
Comments: This ep is okay but if it weren't for the "I.M.A." flyer it would be pretty dull. Bet you didn't know BJ could play the violin like that, did you?
CGI: Barry MeNot's Clues For the Clueless

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 3-5b
When people all around him start winning trivial awards, Beetlejuice decides that he wants one too. But who in their right mind would give BJ an award?
Comments: I love this episode...and I'm glad it was restricted to fifteen minutes. Any longer, and it would have lost a lot of its charm.
CGI: None

Written by: Doug Molitor, Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
Ep #: 3-2
When BJ's License To Drive People Crazy is revoked, he finds out that it's because he never finished kindergarten. He goes back, but can he pass the Final Final?
Comments: One of my very favorites. The supporting characters are a lot of fun, especially the teacher, Ms. Shapen. I like Beetlejuice's methods of misbehavior.
CGI: Ache Noggin N't

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 1-7a
BJ's neighbors kick him out, so he tries to be a 'good neighbor.' But unfortunately, BJ's idea of a good neighbor isn't quite the same one his friends have. It looks like Beetlejuice is out of a place to stay--until he proves to the others that there is one thing that he's good for...
Comments: This ep is fun. BJ's attempts to get reinstated are pretty good.
CGI: None

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 4-11
Coincidentally on the very same day Lydia has doubts about her own beauty, the great beast Thing Thong, who steals beautiful things because he feels he is himself ugly, kidnaps her. While Lydia helps Thong find confidence in himself, Beetlejuice tries to 'save' her in the guise of the famed adventurer Grimdiana Bones.
Comments: I actually like this episode okay, even though the Grimdiana Bones running gag really is overdone.
CGI: None

Written by: Katherine Lawrence, Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
Ep #: 4-15
Beetlejuice's sophisticated skeleton escapes from his skin and runs off. Lydia, Jacques, and BJ's skin must recapture Beetlebones--before the Skeleton Crew does.
Comments: I guess this ep is okay...though it dragged on kinda long for me. I like Major Fossil and Crewman Truman though.
CGI: The Neitherworld School of Personal Improvement

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 3-8a
The Deetzes get new neighbors, and the new kid on the block, Ramon, wants to be just like Mr. Beetleman. But it's a lot harder to get out of trouble after grossing people out when you don't have magic, so Lydia is forced to instruct BJ to "de-Beetlejuice" Ramon.
Comments: This episode is cutecutecute. Beetlejuice with a little admirer--awww. No really, it's good. Unfortunately, Ramon never appeared in another episode.
CGI: None

Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-50
Lydia treats her grandmother as if she's too old to do anything, and Grandma gets sick of it. With the help of Beetlejuice (disguised as Mr. Beetleman's father Grandpa Beetleman), Grandma Deetz takes all the other disgruntled inhabitants of the old folk's home on a wild tour of the Neitherworld.
Comments: I didn't like this ep at the outset--mostly because I didn't like enduring Beetlejuice as an old geezer for an entire half-hour. But by about a third of the way through, I had grown to like Grandma Deetz, and by the end, I was enjoying myself. I just would have liked to actually see the seniors' adventures in the Neitherworld (if you haven't seen this ep, what I meant by the synopsis was that while the old folks went to the Neitherworld, we didn't see what they were doing because we were focusing on how worried the families were about them).
CGI: None

Written by: Patsy Cameron, Todd Anasti & Janis Diamond
Ep #: 1-13b
Yes, you guessed it: Lydia and BJ go to see the latter's parents. His mother is a neat freak and his father is a workaholic--just how far from the tree did Beetlejuice fall?
Comments: This is an absolute classic episode, pure and simple, even though its not all that funny. I like how the beginning of this ep ties in with the end of "Cousin B.J.", which preceded it in the original airing order.
CGI: A Neitherworld News segment on the haunted house shortage

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 2-5
It's Halloween, and Lydia is spending the night in the Neitherworld. Unfortunately, Percy tags along and gets catnapped by a witch and taken to the Witches' Ball. Beetlejuice and Lydia must masquerade as witches to sneak in and get Percy back.
Comments: A lot of footage here is borrowed from 'Critter Sitters.' Pretty good; I especially like the Warlock and his weird glass eye.
CGI: Neitherworld News coverage of the Dropping of the Halloween Pumpkin

Written by: Peter Sauder
Ep #: 1-2a
It's Beetlejuice and Lydia versus the reigning King and Queen of Gross on a popular Neitherworld TV show. Do our heroes have any chance of winning the big gross-off with BJ feeling below par?
Comments: Very good, very entertaining. The very first ep I ever saw of the show. This is vintage Beetlejuice so BJ's character is still being written and acted out a bit like Michael Keaton, but the 'toon BJ's famous high-pitched shrieking would not be long in coming.
CGI: The Geek Islands

Written by: David Young & J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-47
Scuzzo frames Beetlejuice for stealing bad jokes, and gets him sent to The Big House. It's up to Lydia to gather up the evidence she needs to spring Beetlejuice--and then to get the Governor to listen to her story. Meanwhile, BJ copes with afterlife under the disturbingly nurturing watch of Warden June Cleaver.
Comments: I like this ep. I'm glad the writers decided to focus more on BJ's experiences behind bars than Lydia's search for evidence--it was more interesting this way. I liked the Stool Pigeon.
CGI: None

Written by: Doug Molitor
Ep #: 1-9a
Miss Shannon teams up Lydia and Clare to run this year's haunted house at the bazaar. Lydia's got some good and scary ideas, but Clare's got other plans...Not to worry, 'cause BJ's got some plans of his own.
Comments: Clare really gets what she deserves here.
CGI: Bone Bond

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai, Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
Ep #: 3-7b
It's the Battle Of the Bands: Lydia's band, The Brides of Funkenstein, and Clare's band, The Clarenettes. Which band will get to perform at the annual girl's/boy's school mixer?
Comments: Clare's song makes me want to stand up and throw whatever snackfoods I'm stuffing myself with at the time at the screen. But I guess it's supposed to do that. ;)
CGI: None

Written by: Terrance McDonnell
Ep #: 4-19
BJ, Lydia, and Doomie accidentally tumble into Brinkadoom, a cursed village which disappears for an eternity as soon as all its inhabitants fall asleep. Can they find their way out before that happens?
Comments: This is a really good episode; the plot twists are well done, and the action moves quickly.
CGI: None

Written by: Mark Edens
Ep #: 4-30
After spending all day curing Lydia of her measles, Beetlejuice gets Cabin Fever--and then is quarantined to the Roadhouse. How can Lydia help BJ get over Cabin Fever if they can't go outside? They'll think of something...
Comments: Not a particularly good episode, but it does get delightfully weird about two-thirds of the way through. I want a Salvador Dolly.
CGI: Cabin Fever

Written by: Julianne Klemm
Ep #: 4-9
Lydia is stuck competing against Clare in her school's golf P.E. course (hey, it's a private school, after all), and Clare just happens to be the reigning teen golf champ of Peaceful Pines. In an attempt to help Lydia out, BJ teleports Clare to a Neitherworld country club, where she is turned into a golf trophy. Now Beetlejuice and Lydia have to win the golf tournament and get Clare back.
Comments: This isn't a standout ep, but it's at least a tiny bit entertaining. The supporting characters are a bit flat, though.
CGI: Putt-eeee (from the makers of Bone Bond)

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 1-7b
Beetlejuice (disguised as Betty Juice), Lydia, Bertha and Prudence go camping in the Neitherwoods. Bertha and Prudence have never been camping and BJ is sure that they're just a couple of lost cases--until Bertha and Prudence convince him otherwise.
Comments: I love this episode--Bertha is one of my favorite characters. The ending of this ep is great.
CGI: None

Written by: Julianne Klemm
Ep #: 4-63
A black cat burglar makes off with BJ's tongue and takes it to Catmandu. BJ, after 'borrowing' the Monster's tongue, joins the Forlorn Legion with Jacques to storm Catmandu and get his stolen property back.
Comments: There's a lot of funny stuff in this episode (especially the Forlorn Legion), but there's one major problem with the story. I thought that when BJ was missing a body part, he was unable to use his powers, but he's using his juice left and right throughout this ep. Oh well. (If you want to be nitpicky this actually happens a lot. Sorta like how the rule that Beetlejuice can't say his own name gets broken constantly.)
CGI: None

Written by: John Halfpenny
Ep #: 4-54
Beetlejuice gets pulled into The Chromazone, a Twilight Zone spoof. There, BJ has to help Tod Sperling defeat Ima Loony, one of Tod's creations who has begun writing her own scripts. But BJ loses his mind (literally) in the process. If Lydia can't get into the Chromozone in time, BJ will be brainless forever, not to mention vapid.
Comments: I like this ep, it's different. Tod is cool, and I like the bit with the flying logo.
CGI: None

Written by: Pamela Hickey & Dennys McCoy
Ep #: 1-13a
Lydia's Aunt Zapora and Uncle Danport (Delia's family) and Aunt May and Uncle Clyde (Charles' family) come for a visit. To liven things up, Beetlejuice poses as "Cousin B.J.", and boy, does he liven things up!
Comments: One of the very best episodes ever! Zapora and Danport have fabulous character designs, and BJ's possession of Clyde's dummy Beppo is just pure genius.
CGI: A collage of pretty much all the CGI bits from the entire first season

Written by: Gordon Kent
Ep #: 4-12
When Lydia joins the Happy-Faced Girls, Beetlejuice laughs--until he finds out how much money a cookie drive can pull in. He rushes back to the Neitherworld where he assembles the Sappy-Face Ghouls and gives them some of his homemade cookies to sell in Peaceful Pines. Too bad the cookies are haunted...
Comments: I love both the Happy-Face Girls and the Sappy-Face Ghouls: one group is sickeningly sweet and the other is wonderfully demented. Check it out.
CGI: None

Written by: Patsy Cameron & Tedd Anasti
Ep #: 1-1
BJ needs some cash to buy Lydia a present so when she gets a job baby-sitting, he follows suit. But Neitherworld babies are a bit more of a handful than Outerworld ones, and BJ gets dragged before Judge Mental for a long string of offences. Can Lydia keep him from getting thrown to the Sandworms?
Comments: Ok, long comments on this one because it is the first episode. First of all, the story is very good, and the episode is entertaining overall. Secondly, this episode is very interesting, being very different from any other episode made. How is it different? Well, simply because this was the first episode both recorded and animated (I am assuming), so the characters look a little different, and they sound a little different too, as the voice actors hadn't yet settled into their roles. Also, as could be expected, the writers were trying to stick as closely to the Beetlejuice from the movie as they could and still keep it clean, so the BJ here is, while still a bit unique, also very much like Michael Keaton (in my opinion). Check out, too, how his original character design more closely resembles Keaton (at least from certain angles). Thankfully, too, this is the only episode that features a full-blown song-and-dance routine. Beetlejuice is a (slightly) better singer here than he is in say, 'Ship Of Ghouls,' because Steven Ouimette hadn't yet developed that harshness to BJ's voice.
CGI: Scream Puffs

Written by: Peter Sauder
Ep #: 1-3a
Lydia is getting ready for the big photo show, but she can't decide which of her pictures is the best. Beetlejuice loves all of her work, and decides he wants to buy whichever photo she picks--but he doesn't have any money. (Un)fortunately, the Deetzes kitchen sink has sprung a leak, so BJ hatches a plan to pose as a handyman, fix the leak, and make a quick buck. But his Neitherworld tools won't stand for being used...
Comments: This is the first appearance of Beetlejuice's alter ego Mr. Beetleman, the Handy Dandy Handyman. This is a very early episode and so BJ is still a little low-key, but the ep is entertaining anyway.
CGI: None

Written by: Dan DiStefano & J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-57
BJ and Doomie are caught distributing phony driver's licenses and sent to traffic school. But BJ's got a plan to escape, and winds up as...a hero?
Comments: This ep is pretty boring. Nothing really exciting happens in it, but I've always liked Doomie. This is also, incidentally, one of the few eps Lydia's not in.
CGI: BJ's Driving School

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 3-3
Doomie falls in love with the Mayor's pink car (which Doomie dubs 'Pinky'). The down side is, Pinky isn't alive like Doomie. Besides that, both Beetlejuice and Mayor Maynot are adamantly against the relationship. How can this story possibly have a happy ending?
Comments: I like this episode--I think they used Beetlejuice's conflicting emotions pretty well. And I like when he turns into Doomie's dad. (Unforuntely for Doomie, apparently all his efforts are in vain. Pinky never shows up in another episode.)
CGI: The Car That Has Everything

Written by: Patsy Cameron & Tedd Anasti
Ep #: 2-1
Beetlejuice and Lydia decide that it's time for them to have a car of their own, so they rebuild a salvaged one they find in a Neitherworld wrecking yard. But BJ delivers Lydia an abnormal carburetor for installation...and although the car they create looks normal at first, it soon becomes evident that he's quite abnormal.
Comments: Doomie's origin episode. Doomie is like a convertible Herbie, except when he's frightened, in which case he turns into a cross between Christine and the Wolfman. Check it out.
CGI: Barry MeNot's New & Used Expensive Car Lot

Written by: John Halfpenny
Ep #: 2-6a
Beetlejuice invents cologne that changes the personality of anyone it comes in contact with into its polar opposite. When Lydia gets sprayed with it, she becomes a wild, prank-pulling criminal, and, taking Beetlejuice along for the ride, wreaks more havoc on the Neitherworld than BJ's ever been responsible for.
Comments: This is a wild episode, fast paced and rather exciting. Of course, it beats me why the title refers to BJ rather than Lydia, but oh well.
CGI: None

Written by: Doug Molitor
Ep #: 2-3
Beetlejuice, Lydia and Doomie enter the Neitherworld Groan Prix, where they face possible defeat by Scuzzo and Fuzzo.
Comments: Scuzzo's first episode (and Fuzzo's too, but noone ever remembers him). Eh. Standard good-guys-in-cars vs. bad-guys-in-cars plot. But I do like BJ's and Lydia's racing wardrobes.
CGI: The Neitherworld Groan Prix (featuring a "Jean LaFeet's Feet Treats" spot)

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 4-14
A Sam Spade spoof featuring two ears cut off from a family fortune.
Comments: I'm sorry but I really don't like this one. Al Dente is kinda cool to look at, though. This is Mr. Big's premiere ep.
CGI: None

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-21
BJ's parents want to join the Society for the Oldest and Moldiest Families of the Neitherworld, but they need the Juice family coat of arms to prove their lineage. Unfortunately, the coat is somewhere in BJ's room, which hasn't been cleaned in, well...apparently it hasn't been cleaned.
Comments: An okay ep, not all that great. BJ's parents are always cool, they should have had a bigger part.
CGI: None

Written by: John Antoniou, Tom Johnstone & Kathleen Naugle
Ep #: 3-8
Lydia heads off to her Aunt May and Uncle Clyde's farm, and Beetlejuice tags along as Mr. Beetleman. But with all the work May and Clyde give BJ, how will he ever have any fun--and come to think of it, how will Lydia?
Comments: I like this ep--May and Clyde are cool.
CGI: Barry MeNot's Do-It-To-Yourself Instruction Manual

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 4-4
It's BJ and Lydia's Frankenburgers vs. Scuzzo's Clown Burgers in the biggest fast-food-fight of the century.
Comments: I like this ep, it's a definite nod to one of the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons (the one with Popeye's restaurant vs Bluto's restaurant with Wimpy caught in the middle).
CGI: The Frank 'n' Burger ; Scuzzo's Clown Burger

Written by: Tedd Anasti, Patsy Cameron & Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 4-20
When a beautiful Scandinavian exchange student arrives at Miss Shannon's school, Clare thinks she will burst with envy--until she relieves her fury by embarrassing the exchange student in front of everybody. To get even, Lydia and BJ send Clare to be an exchange student herself--in the Neitherworld.
Comments: This ep is surprisingly funny. I think the plane trip is great.
CGI: None

Written by: Lester P. Lester
Ep #: 4-46
Beetlejuice loses his memory (he's beaned by a satellite), so Lydia takes him to see Dr. Zigmund Void. Void splits BJ's personality, and takes the clone and Lydia within BJ's body by way of a shrinking submersible. They have to find out what is causing BJ's inability to access his memory banks before time runs out and they return to normal size.
Comments: Gack! I hate this old stand-by storyline! And they didn't even do a good job with it. In other words, this ep is a stinker. Point of interest: I believe this and 'Dragster Of Doom' are the only episodes in which Lydia says 'cool.'
CGI: Dr. Zigmund Void, 1-800-555-2010

Written by: Peter Sauder
Ep #: 4-48
Lydia trips on Beetlejuice's misplaced marbles and sprains her ankle, so BJ takes her to a Neitherworld hospital for treatment. But a greedy resident doctor is looking to make a quick buck and kidnaps Lydia with the intention of charging admission to the public to witness a 'total body transplant'--with BJ as the surgeon!
Comments: This one is cool...Obviously, they relied largely on hospital jokes to carry it through, but it's not without originality.
CGI: None

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 3-4
Delia holds a seance and summons Lydia's favorite (deceased) actor, Boris ToDeath. Although Lydia is thrilled by the visit, BJ is less than ecstatic. But when Boris reveals his evil plan to kick the Deetzes out of their home, Lydia has to change her opinion, and quick.
Comments: I like this one very much--there's a lot of good stuff here. Of course, BJ's hauntings are getting a little redundant: he always goes for the calypso thing. Oh well.
CGI: Boris ToDeath's Home For Bad Actors

Written by: Steve Cuden
Ep #: 4-29
Beetlejuice publishes his auto-dieography and is heralded as one of the finest authors of all time. But the lies he tells about his friends in the book come back to haunt him, big time.
Comments: Eh. This episode isn't all that great, but Beetlejuice flaunts a great vocabulary here. This conflicts with other times in the series where BJ is shown to be a (very) poor writer; just like this ep shows BJ to be a bad dancer, which conflicts with other eps in which he is a superb dancer--but I digress.
CGI: None

Written by: Alan Wittert
Ep #: 3-7a
Beetlejuice wins a whole lot of money--under one stipulation: he can't juice anyone or the cash gets revoked. The situation is embraced warmly by the Neitherworld's stinking rich (who stink in more ways than BJ does).
Comments: Of course we're not surprised when Beetlejuice gives up his juicing in exchange for money; nor are we surprised when he gives the money up so he can teach the rich people who torment him and Lydia a lesson. I guess what I'm saying is: the ep is predictable--its not bad...just predictable.
CGI: Club Dread

Written by: Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
Ep #: 4-42
The Monster and Monstress have a falling-out, and Beetlejuice takes advantage of the situation by spinning their misery off into a highly rated TV program.
Comments: I've always been a bit ambivalent about this ep. Although I like the Monstress and Mr. Monitor, the ep seems a bit...hastily assembled. This is one of the few episodes that Lydia does not appear in. BTW, this is the (in)famous cross-dressing ep: BJ assumes three different female forms here.

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-60
BJ is bitten by the gold bug (yes, literally), and contracts the dreaded Gold Fever. He must find some gold or he'll never get well. But a claim jumper has his eye on BJ's prospect...Can Lydia, Jacques and Doomie save him?
Comments: I like this episode, even though Beetlejuice's powers are a bit dampened by fever for the entire thing.
CGI: Gloomdike Gold Mining

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai, Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
Ep #: 4-24
It's 'Good Neighbor Day' in the Neitherworld, when being nice is a law. Of course, BJ won't stand for it, and causes trouble...which lures in Goody Two Shoes, a Fairy from the Bureau of Sweetness and Prissiness (BS&P--can you say that on television?). With a wave of her wand, Goody turns everyone into denizens of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood--what a fate!
Comments: I don't know about this ep--it's kinda boring. Armhold Musclehugger is good in here, though.
CGI: None

Written by: Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
Ep #: 4-31
While flipping through Beetlejuice's high school yearbook, Lydia is astounded to discover that her best friend was none other than Prom King! She presses BJ for the story, and he tells it--and it is one doozy of a tale.
Comments: I like this episode a lot. Although it is one of those eps that proves BJ to not have died as an adult, but rather to have grown up in the Neitherworld, I liked seeing Beetlejuice as a gawky teenager.
CGI: Barry MeNot's Tuxedo Dungeon

Written by: Chris Hubbell & Sam Graham
Ep #: 4-6
Delia's art is a flop in Peaceful Pines, so Delia and BJ decide to take her to a Neitherworld art colony, where her art will be truly appreciated. But with the good comes the bad...
Comments: Pretty good. This is a great episode to watch if you like Delia.
CGI: None

Written by: Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
Ep #: 4-23
Charles really needs a weekend to relax, so Mr. Beetleman takes the Deetzes to Hotel Hello in the Neitherworld. But with Charles stressing out over every little thing, not to mention a vampire after Delia's neck, what kind of vacation will it turn out to be?
Comments: This ep is pretty good--I like Count MeIn and Fleagor.
CGI: None

Written by: Patricia Goldstone
Ep #: 4-39
When Beetlejuice and Lydia pull a scam, Lydia gets sentenced to washing dishes at The Last Resort Resort on the River Schticks. Beetlejuice, haunted by memories of his Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma, who used to take him to the Last Resort Resort when he was a baby, rushes to Lydia's rescue. Can they survive the awful jokes that abound everywhere on the River Schticks?
Comments: Good story. I like the eps that show how much BJ and Lydia care about eachother. Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma are a hoot. I like the Catskull Mountains, and Carry-on, the ferryman.
CGI: None

Written by: Alan Bunce
Ep #: 4-55
When Captain Kidder washes up on the beach babbling of a 90-ft-tall, singing, dancing ape on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, chaos breaks out. Between BJ and Lydia, Jacques and Ginger, The Monster and Poopsie, The Mayor and Mrs. Bugsly, Chester Slime and Armhold Musclehugger, and Scuzzo and Fuzzo, who will reach the island--and the valuable ape--first?
Comments: This ep wasn't all that bad, even though there really are too many characters to keep track of--especially considering the movie it was based on. If you haven't seen 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World,' go rent it, you'll be glad you did.
CGI: None

Written by: Jullianne Klemm
Ep #: 4-28
Yes, you've guessed it: Beetlejuice has an off day and wishes he had never met any of his friends. Clarence Sale shows up and shows him what the Neitherworld--and the real world--would be like without him. Seeing Lydia miserable and friendless convinces BJ to change his mind, and Clarence is rewarded for his trouble with a shiny new car.
Comments: I'm not sure if I like this episode or if I hate it. I agree with BJ--the only good reason for him to change his mind is for Lydia, and not for any of the other things Clarence shows him. It's kind of interesting to see BJ's Neitherworld friends rich and famous, though.
CGI: None

IT'S THE PITS * (Vol. 5)
Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 1-10b
Beetlejuice makes it big as an armpit musician, and throws his friends out in the cold.
Comments: This ep mostly just serves to show Beetlejuice's attitude towards success. It is, however, Flubbo's premiere episode. And--admit it--the song is kinda cool, in a gross way.
CGI: The Party Quelcher

Written by: David Silverman
Ep #: 4-64
To get out of housework, BJ passes the time away telling Lydia about the time he and Jacques journeyed to the center of the Neitherworld to rescue Vern Jewels, who was being held prisoner by Captain Nemo (who wanted to be rewritten into a hero role).
Comments: This ep is entertaining, but having seen 'Highs Ghoul Confidential,' I can be certain that the tale BJ tells is not partially made up, it's entirely made up--there are just too many inconsistencies. But, remembering that Beetlejuice is making up the story keeps this episode from becoming annoying. I especially like Nemo's fish collection.
CGI: None

Ep #: 4-7
Written by: Eric Lewald
When BJ's new, rich neighbors move in, Beetlejuice goes out and gets himself a Monster Charge Card so he can have a bigger house and more stuff. But when the repo men arrive, BJ has to make a tough choice...
Comments: This ep is pretty good, and nothing can top the 'Santa's Grotto' scene at the end. (Watch the backgrounds in this one and you'll see a 'Neiman Marcus' rip-off called 'Demon Carcass'! Hee!)
CGI: The Monster Card

Written by: Jim Carlson & Terrence McDonnell
Ep #: 4-62
Beetlejuice and Lydia go to visit Merlin and discover that the great magician is plotting to overthrow the King. But when BJ pulls the Board from the Bone, he becomes the new King, and Merlin summons the dreaded B.O. Wolf to wipe him out. It's a middle-age crisis for BJ...
Comments: This episode isn't all that great. They didn't even make a multitude of Dark Ages puns. At least they didn't overdo the 'Camelot' running gag.
CGI: None

Written by: Patsy Cameron & Tedd Anasti
Ep #: 1-5
It's Halloween and Clare's throwing the biggest bash in Peaceful Pines--until Lydia announces that she, too will throw a party. But there are a few problems: 1) all she has to wear is a cute pink bunny costume; 2) there will be no food or decorations; 3) no one is coming. Well, never fear, Mr. Beetleman is here! Beetlejuice introduces Peaceful Pines to 'Party People In a Can', and boy, the town will never be the same.
Comments: I like this episode, it is full of a lot of little clever gags. The Party Animal is fun, and Lydia's parents are great here.
CGI: The Party Shop

Written by: Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg
Ep #: 4-59
Donnyjuice is a wanted man with a huge price on his head--which makes for a perfect opportunity for Beetlejuice to get a little 'closer' to his brother (with the aid of handcuffs, of course). But BJ isn't the only reward-seeker on the scene: he must contend with Deader Alive, the famous bounty hunter from Neitherworld TV.
Comments: I like this ep, Donny is sickening as ever but entertaining as always. And the joke about the back door is priceless (although they did use the back door in Poopsie--just a nit-pick :*).
CGI: Deader Alive's Official Bounty Hunting Kit, 555-RATT

Written by: Larry Parr
Ep #: 4-17
Beetlejuice wants to enter the First Neitherworld Beauty Pageant (the prize is a Ton O' Cash), but is turned down because he's a man. Determined to win the prize, BJ launches a "Men Are Beautiful Too" campaign, closely followed by a "Disgusting Is Beautiful Too" campaign. Finally, the pageant is opened to everybody. But...if everybody is in the pageant, who's left to even watch it?
Comments: I really like this episode, even if it is a bit stupid. I like Mr. Voice.
CGI: The First Neitherworld Beauty Pageant

Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-44
Beetlejuice and Lydia put on 'Disasterpiece Theatre,' and decide to do Moby Dick as their first episode. But Moby "Richard" refuses to change the classic to suit Beetlejuice's notions of what a classic should be, and quits--but not without insulting BJ first. BJ lets the character of Captain Ahab take him over, and leads the others on a dangerous mission through Sandworm Land to get revenge on the whale.
Comments: There were a couple of good gags in this ep, but otherwise I didn't care for it. I would have liked to see more of Captain Kidder, though.
CGI: None

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 3-1
When Beetlejuice is collared while in dog form, he gets stuck that way. Lydia calls him to the Outerworld where Delia promptly adopts him as the dog she always wanted.
Comments: This is one of my favorite episodes. It's very entertaining, and Beetlejuice makes a cute striped dog.
CGI: Saliv-A-Live

Written by: Sandy Scesny
Ep #: 4-33
When Mayor Maynot threatens to tear down the Roadhouse to make room for a new superhighway, Beetlejuice runs for office--and wins. But it is soon apparent that BJ is an even more corrupt mayor than the last one, and it's up to his friends to get him de-elected before he gets too out of hand.
Comments: I like this one okay. Another example of how Beetlejuice can't handle responsibility--and one of the few times in the series we get to see BJ lust after a woman (who just happens to be Lydia! I guess some things never completely change. :^) I especially like the sequence where Beetlejuice gets "swept" into office.
CGI: None

Written by: Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg
Ep #: 4-56
Four of Beetlejuice's worst enemies--oh, and LipScum--are organized together by a mysterious gangster named Mr. Big who's got BJ's number. His plan: trick BJ into separating his body parts and be unable to reunite them, until sundown does its dirty work; in case you didn't know, not only does BJ lose all his powers if he's fallen apart, but if he's not all back together by sundown, he's as good as exorcised. (Obviously a rule they made up just for this ep but I like it anyway.) Naturally, Mr. Monitor is on the scene to gather ratings.
Comments: This is a weird, weird episode. My main complaint with it is that I didn't like having to listen to BJ talk without a nose for most of the ep. My next complaint is that while the concept of BJ being powerless while in pieces is interesting, its also a bit uh...well, weird to see him that way.
CGI: None

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-65
Beetlejuice does the Mayor of Peaceful Pines a favor, but the Mayor renigs on his promise of a cash reward. So Beetlejuice, in a fit of anger, splits his personality into his good and his bad sides, and the bad side wreaks havoc on the town. Lydia and the good side are forced to fetch Dr. Zigmund Void to help remedy the situation.
Comments: I'll tell you what, the first ten or so minutes of this episode are uber cool--BJ back as a bio-exorcist! Woo hoo! There are even a couple of hints back to 'Critter Sitters.' But as soon as BJ's personality splits, the ep goes way downhill. The separation of BJ's personalities, body parts, etc. seems to be an all-too-often-utilized plot device for this show, and besides, I don't care for Zigmund Void. This was the last episode of the series.
CGI: Lights Out

Written by: Mark Edens
Ep #: 4-37
Oh, horrors! Beetlejuice's perfect brother Donnyjuice comes to visit, leaving BJ feeling...a bit down and out. Down-And-Outback, actually. Donny and Lydia set out to cheer Beetlejuice up before he does something drastic.
Comments: Interestingly enough, Donny is grosser than BJ. Gross because he's so nice and everyone likes him so much. Now that's gross! But, I think he's funny. And I liked the Wannabe.
CGI: Malice Springs, Down-And-Outback

OUT OF MY MIND * (Vol. 2)
Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 1-3b
BJ and Lydia have a fight, and Lydia banishes the ghost to the Neitherworld. Beetlejuice foolishly makes the comment that he can't get Lydia out of his mind, and accidentally teleports her there. Lydia meets up with BJ's wimpy Will Power and overbearing Prank Factor--can she convince Will to stand up to Prankenstein? And how will she ever get out of BJ's head?
Comments: This ep is interesting, but it's not very funny. It is, however, nice to know that BJ has a huge, glowing Shrine To Lydia in the centre of his mind.
CGI: Worm Your Way Deodorant

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 1-9b
BJ says he deserves a 'pat on the back' and he gets one, in the form of a weird little guy with an Irishoid accent who actually grows out of his back. Pat then proceeds to get Beetlejuice in a lot of trouble with the Mayor, and only Lydia has the insight to help him out of it.
Comments: I don't know about this ep, it's not all that great.
CGI: None

Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 1-8
BJ takes Lydia on a trip to a Neitherworld Wild West town, where the locals promptly make Beetlejuice their new sheriff. Can you guess why? Naturally, its because Bully the Crud is on his way to run the sheriff out of town. Bully 'develops' an instant crush on Lydia and drags her off to the wedding chapel...at least Lydia's insistent on keeping her last name.
Comments: One of the best eps. Bully is a trip. And I like seeing Beetlejuice having to rescue Lydia from someone who's trying to do the same thing to her that he tried to do to her himself in the movie.
CGI: None

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 4-13
Edgar Allen Poe comes to BJ's Roadhouse in search of his lost Lenore. This is followed by a series of nightmares Beetlejuice experiences that are loosely based on Poe's works.
Comments: I think this episode is supposed to be scary...it is a bit disturbing, and darker than the rest of the series. Other than a few good lines though, I don't care for it. I guess I just don't like seeing BJ tortured--which he is in here, repeatedly.
CGI: None

Written by: Dan Distefano
Ep #: 1-10a
The Monster Across the Street is going to a Monster Across the Street convention (you didn't know they had those, did you?) and he leaves Poopsie in Beetlejuice's care for the day. I'll leave the rest of this synopsis to your imagination.
Comments: This ep is really entertaining, but the very best part about it is the last scene, where the Monster is taking Poopsie home. Check it out--it's crude, but effective.
CGI: None

Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-27
A leftover chicken in BJ's fridge turns undead and haunts the Roadhouse in the form of the most dreaded of all spectres: a Poultrygeist! Can Beetlejuice and Lydia banish it before sleep deprivation claims BJ's last remaining shreds of sanity?
Comments: This is just about my favorite Beetlejuice episode ever--the story is funny, the dialogue is witty, and the guest character (Buster Spirit, Small Medium At Large) is pretty darn cool.
CGI: Ken's Yuckified Chicken

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 4-8
BJ's got Scuzzo's brain, Scuzzo's got no brain, and BJ's brain is out to rule the Neitherworld. Get it?
Comments: Whether you get it or not, this ep isn't all that good, so it doesn't really matter.
CGI: Club Head

Written by: Julianne Klemm
Ep #: 4-43
Beetlejuice inherits his Auntie Em's milk farm, located in the Wild West. But the infamous outlaw Jesse Germs has been threatening the locals--can BJ and Lydia thwart his insidious plan to scare everyone off the land?
Comments: One of two episodes set in the Neitherworld Wild West. I liked this one okay--Grainpa and the little kid are cool. Watch the train Auntie Em leaves on for a cameo by Fester from Pest O' the West.
CGI: None

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 1-11
Neitherworld royalty Prince Vince falls in love with Lydia and asks BJ for some help in winning her heart. After landing himself a job as Vince's court jester, Beetlejuice agrees--but quickly changes his mind when it looks like Lydia prefers Vince's company to his.
Comments: Vince is a great character. This is a very enjoyable story.
CGI: The movie 'The Crying Clown'

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 3-6
Prince Vince wishes that his subjects would love him, so he decides to be a rock and roll star. But his music is so depressing everyone would hate it--in order to spare his feelings, Lydia tells him his music is wonderful. The bad effect of this is, now Prince Vince is on perpetual tour. With the entire Neitherworld depressed beyond hope, it may be time for Lydia to tell Vince the truth...
Comments: This episode isn't that bad, but I think it's longer than it needs to be. However, for some reason, I find the very end rather funny.
CGI: Prince Vince's album, 'Life Is a Meaningless Misery'

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 4-5
Beetlejuice gets tired of Doomie's tendency to be nice, so he builds a new vehicle: Road Hawg, the meanest chopper around. But Doomie's the only one who can save BJ from Road Hawg's vicious new gang...
Comments: This episode is pretty good, although it's a bit of a pain to have to listen to Road Hawg's weird voice.
CGI: None

Written by: J.D. Smith
Ep #: 1-12
Beetlejuice's head is kidnapped by headhunters. With the help of Captain Kidder, Lydia and BJ's body track the hunters down to Nobody Atoll, where they must face more than just head hunters...
Comments: I'm kinda so-so on this ep. Although it is Captain Kidder's premiere episode, Captain Kidder uh, changes near the end, and I'm not sure how the writers expect us to just believe that he's back to normal in later eps...well, that's my major beef with this one. Otherwise it's a middle-of-the road ep.
CGI: Jean LaFeet's Feet Treats

Written by: Therese Naugle & Burt Wetanson
Ep #: 4-2
Jacques tries to achieve his afterlife-long dream of becoming Mr. Neitherworld, with one obstacle: namely, Armhold Musclehugger, the current reigning King of Fitness. How can someone with no muscles possibly compete with someone built like a Greek god?
Comments: This is Jacques' show, and he shines. This ep heralds our first glimpse of Armhold Musclehugger (not to mention Jacques' family). There are a lot of good sight gags in here, the best of which is probably the 'Handy Brick Wall Co.'
CGI: Slim Fist

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 2-7a
When Beetlejuice blows up the Monster Across the Street's house, he is obligated to take the Monster and Poopsie in (or Jacques and Ginger will tell on him). Desperate to rid himself of his unwanted roommates, BJ even tries rebuilding the Monster's house for him--only to find out that the Monster likes the Roadhouse! What will BJ do?
Comments: This ep is entertaining, and it incidentally heralds the first appearance of the Monstress and Poopette.
CGI: A replay of the Monster Truck Races

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-40
Lydia's Caesar salad comes to life and attempts to take over the Neitherworld with his legion of surly vegetables. Can BJ and Lydia usurp Caesar and get the rightful rulers of Aroma back on the throne?
Comments: I consider this ep to be one of the true classics. ;*) I really like this one, the gags are great.
CGI: Aroma

Written by: John Antoniou & Tom Johnstone
Ep #: 4-61
Beetlejuice inadvertently turns some ants into his Aunts--Auntie Pasto, Auntie Social, Auntie Septic, and Honey Aunt. The Aunts promptly begin getting Beetlejuice and Lydia into trouble (more than usual, anyway). If BJ can't get rid of them pronto, his landlord will throw him out.
Comments: This episode is okay the first time around, but after that it quickly becomes boring. There are very few good gags in this one, although the story itself is okay.
CGI: None

Written by: David Finley
Ep #: 4-58
Yes, Beetlejuice moves to Sherweird Forest and attempts to steal from the rich and...what was that other part again? Oh well. But then the Sheriff of RottingHam kidnaps Lydia and he must rescue her from Prince John DonJuan, the Sherweird Florist, before she crumbles under his bad puns.
Comments: This episode is pretty funny. I like Alan Airedale and his um, tributes in song to Robbing Hood.
CGI: None

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-32
Beetlejuice recruits Lydia to coach Team BJ in the Neitherworld All-Ghoul Games. But the team is hopeless and the opposition is fierce--can Lydia motivate her friends enough to even dream of winning, especially Beetlejuice, who's devoted all his time to product endorsements?
Comments: I really don't like this one. Lydia is out of character and there are too many plot holes--for what plot there is. I think there was supposed to be a third team, but where were they? I get the feeling the writer was trying to emulate the Greenville Goons and Sweetwater Schnooks of Loony Tunes fame, but was unsuccessful. But hey--if this episode had had a pitching elephant, maybe it would have been better. =)
CGI: None

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 2-6b
Beetlejuice (as Betty) runs for class president against Clare as Lydia watches helplessly. Both campaigns are hopelessly overdone...will either of them get any votes?
Comments: I like any episode with Bertha and Prudence. This one is pretty good just for Clare, actually. The ending is very satisfying. Watch for the female mud wrestling gratuitously thrown in.
CGI: Campaign ad, 'Vote For Betty Juice'

Written by: Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
Ep #: 4-18
When the Happy Face Girls' outing is called on account of rain, BJ (as Denmother MacCree) takes them to Grislyland, the Neitherworld's newest theme park. But Grislyland's patron cartoon character, Bartholomew Batt, is out for more than a profitable enterprise...Why? Because he's a typical cartoon villain, that's why!
Comments: I like this ep very much...Bartholomew Batt is like a sinister Felix the Cat. Oh and...when did Slimey go blonde?
CGI: None

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 2-2a
It's Scary Fool's Day in the Neitherworld and BJ and Lydia are trying to outdo eachother.
Comments: A perfectly good episode diminished by the same climax from Critter Sitters.
CGI: None

Written by: Julianne Klemm
Ep #: 2-8b
Beetlejuice takes a job as a scarecrow at a beetle farm.
Comments: All the bird puns! They're murder! This ep is pretty entertaining--although BJ's burst of generosity at the end did surprise me. This is another Lydia-free episode.
CGI: None

Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai
Ep #: 2-4
Lydia's parents want to go on a vacation, so Beetlejuice, posing as Mr. Beetleman, offers his services as a tour guide--in the Neitherworld.
Comments: This is an okay ep. I like this episode mostly because Charles is in it all the way through and he's one of my favorite characters. I like the Badly Painted Desert.
CGI: None

Written by: Terrence McDonnell
Ep #: 4-26
Beetlejuice wins two tickets for an ocean cruise (illegally, I might add), and takes Lydia on a very...odd...vacation on the high seas.
Comments: I don't especially care for this episode. And I don't care for BJ's "summer outfit." Watch for BJ dirty dancing with a sheep in this ep.
CGI: None

Written by: Patsy Cameron & Tedd Anasti
Ep #: 1-2b
The skeletons in BJ's closet have accumulated so much over the years that the closet finally bursts. The skeletons drift astray, telling people the truths Beetlejuice had always hidden from them.
Comments: Very good episode! The skeletons are creepy, and this is, incidentally, the Monster and Poopsie's first ep. This is an extremely early episode, so Beetlejuice's voice is still not quite fully developed.
CGI: None

Written by: Larry Parr
Ep #: 4-16
When BJ finds out about the Save-The-Whales Telethon Lydia is involved in, he gets an idea: hold his own telethon and make a fortune! So he holds a Save-The-Smells Telethon to do just that--until he actually, truly, begins to believe in his cause. Who would have thought? Apparently nobody, because when the telethon money mysteriously disappears, Public Opinion rises squarely against Beetlejuice...
Comments: This ep is pretty good--it's nice to see BJ actually stand up for something other than himself. The Sappy-Faced Ghouls do a good job here, and LipScum turns my stomach as usual.
CGI: Barry MeNot's Scam-O-Rama

Written by: Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
Ep #: 4-38
Its Pranksgiving in the Neitherworld, and Beetlejuice's rival Pondscum ("Pondscum...Germs Pondscum") looks as if he's going to beat out BJ for the title of Grand High Prankster. Pondscum proves himself to be lower than a Sandworm's belly when he frames BJ for a crime he didn't commit and gets him sentenced to rehabilitation in NeitherNeitherLand. (Have you seen NeitherNeitherLand? Shudder.) Beetlejuice comes out of the ordeal as Snugglejuice, the Cutest Being in the Neitherworld. Can Lydia reverse the process (and help BJ win the Prank Tournament)?
Comments: Snugglejuice is truly terrifying, and it brings a tear to my eye to see my hero reduced to this--but this is a rather interesting episode. NeitherNeitherLand is pretty creepy.
CGI: Shameless Mayhem

Written by: Therese Naugle
Ep #: 2-8c
When Lydia is too busy to spend time with Charles, Beetlejuice (seeing a scam) steps in as Cousin BJ and cons Charles into spending time with--and money on--him.
Comments: A good Charles episode. The lesson taught here about what girls and boys are 'expected' to do with their fathers is an important one. Watch for BJ's fingertips constantly changing colors (no--this was a mistake).
CGI: None

Written by: Tedd Anasti & Pasty Cameron
Ep #: 4-3
Beetlejuice's feet decide they aren't being treated right and strike out on their own. BJ must find them before they get themselves in trouble.
Comment: Although there seemed to be a lot of planning behind this ep, I really didn't like it all that much. The feet characters were weird, and it just sort of dragged on. This is also one of the few eps Lydia's not in.
CGI: Nukies

Written by: Alan Wittert
Ep #: 3-5a
When BJ gets split while in amoebae form, Lydia suddenly finds herself in double the weirdness as usual. And it just goes to prove that noone can get along with Beetlejuice--not even himself.
Comments: I like the way they handled having two Beetlejuices with exactly the same personality on the screen at once. Usually, you have one good one and one bad one, or something.
CGI: The Lice-Capades

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 2-2b
Lydia's creepy fashions gain the girls a spot in the Peaceful Pines Mondo Mall--only noone's interested. So Mr. Beetleman sends a message over the airwaves...
Comments: I guess the whole hypnotism thing isn't too cheesy. And it was *very* cool to see Miss Shannon in Elvira-type duds. Again, any episode with Bertha and Prudence has to be good.
CGI: A bit of a monster movie

SPOOKY TREE * (Vol. 3)
Written by: Mike Keyes
Ep #: 1-4b
Lydia's favorite tree, Spooky, is slated to be cut down so the road can be widened. Beetlejuice, in a fit of generosity, grants Spooky with the gift of locomotion, allowing the tree to run rampant through the town. Finally, kind-hearted Spooky is replanted somewhere he can be really happy.
Comments: Interesting episode--not really funny, but good in its own way.
CGI: Messy Jesse's

Written by: Doug Molitor
Ep #: 1-4a
Miss Shannon's school is putting on Romeo and Juliet, and Lydia tries out for the part of Juliet. But Clare wants it too and sabotages Lydia's audition. For revenge, Lydia becomes the costume designer and designs a costume she knows Clare will hate--but BJ's got other plans for revenge...
Comments: I like this episode, the writing is good. This episode shows us both Lydia's sewing skill and BJ's Shakespearean abilities for the first time. Of course, BJ is a natural, since his voice actor is an accomplished Shakespearean talent himself. Check out the possession BJ expertly performs here.
CGI: None

Written by: Stephen Sustaraic & Steven Cuden
Ep #: 4-36
Beetlejuice becomes the Neitherworld's grossest movie star, and finds that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lydia then has to help him back into poverty by "cleaning up his act."
Comments: Not a standout ep, but one of the few times in the series Beetlejuice bathes.
CGI: None

Written by: Pat Corcoran
Ep #: 4-41
Lydia makes a (foolish) wish that Beetlejuice could teach her class for a day, and he grants it. He takes Lydia, Claire, Bertha and Prudence on a trip to "Historyland" in the Neitherworld, where they learn a bit more than history--like never trust a professor in a striped suit.
Comments: Uuummmm...I'm not sure what to say about this one. As much of a fan as I am of Bertha and Prudence, I didn't really like this ep all that much. It was kinda, sloppily done.
CGI: None

Written by: Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg
Ep #: 4-49
Beetlejuice tries to cash in on the superhero trend sweeping the Neitherworld by becoming (dundunDUNNN!) UltraBeetleMan! With Lydia as his cub reporter sidekick, UBM sets out to thwart crime. Uh...If only there was any. Suddenly, Mt. Gushmore, Scumdon Bridge, The Fallen Arches of Triumph, the Awful Tower--and Lydia--are shrunk by four menacing business tycoons ("Honey, I Shrunk the Lyds"). Can UBM save the day?
Comments: This one had potential for being a good superhero spoof, but it falls short of its goal.
CGI: Barry MeNot's Supercilious School of Supernatural Superheroing & Comic Emporium

Written by: Larry Parr
Ep #: 4-22
Lydia is to MC at her school's talent night, but she's afraid she isn't funny enough. So--BJ lends her his funny bone. But what's Beetlejuice without a funny bone??
Comments: I like everything about this ep except for the ending. Watch for the Tupperware party.
CGI: Beetlejuice's School of Comedy Yucks

Written by: Michael Edens
Ep #: 4-34
It's the anniversary of the day BJ and Lydia met, and BJ presents Lydia with a watch. But time flies, and Beetlejuice and Lydia follow the escaped watch through the Sands Of Time, where they meet Grandfather Time. BJ gives the poor old geezer a cog-attack, thoroughly messing up the flow of Time. They must get Time restarted or nothing will be the same again.
Comments: This is one of my favorite episodes--it's just so interesting. Note: there was, as I recall, a very similar episode produced years later on the Bonkers show...hmm. (BTW, sorry about the overuse of the word 'time' in the synopsis but it couldn't be helped. ;*)
CGI: The Amazing (a word I couldn't make out) Travel Alarm

Written by: Mark Edens
Ep #: 4-35
Lydia has to write a paper on Shakespeare for her English class, but can't understand his plays. So BJ takes her to the Neitherworld to meet Shakey's characters, who turn out to be rather disgruntled with their roles. When they kidnap Lydia and try to force her to rewrite their plays, BJ must rescue her; then it's up to the both of them to cure Shakespeare of his monumental writer's block.
Comments: Another of my favorites! This episode is so funny--I laugh aloud every time I see it. The Shakespeare jokes! They kill me! Wondering what's rotten in Denmark? Why, it's Beetlejuice (naturally). I wish I could get over writer's block so dramatically. (Note: I don't care for theatre, but I would definitely pay to go see "Hambo".)
CGI: None

Written by: Doug Molitor
Ep #: 4-10
Beetlejuice says the wrong thing and gets his head put onto the Monster's body--now the Monster's got two heads, and BJ's body is left to wander.
Comments: This episode would be better if BJ's body didn't have such a stupid personality. At least Jesse Germs is in here.
CGI: None

Written by: Alan Bunce
Ep #: 2-8a
A PeeWee's Playhouse spoof.
Comments: This ep is amusing, and thankfully short. The 'end sequence' of the 'show' is fun if you remember the end sequence to PeeWee's Playhouse. Lydia does not appear in this episode.
CGI: A baby watching the show

Written by: Michael Reid
Ep #: 4-45
It's BJ's team against Scuzzo's team in the baseball event of the century! But after a few...uh...setbacks, that becomes BJ and Lydia, all alone, against Scuzzo's entire team. It's Sudden Death for the losers--and who will those losers be?
Comments: The entire first half of this ep is very slow. The second half starts out hilariously funny, then peters back out to dullsville. In other words, the story editing could have used some work, but for those five or so minutes, this ep isn't all that bad. But for the other twenty minutes, yes, it is all that bad. (Shrug)
CGI: None

Written by: Lester P. Lester
Ep #: 4-51
Beetlejuice is threatened into telling the Sappy-Faced Ghouls a fairy tale, and they don't want to hear one they already know. But they know them all! BJ finally resorts to inventing a story on the spot, featuring himself, Lydia, Flubbo, and other Neitherworld characters.
Comments: I love fairy tale spoofs. This one isn't too bad. Armhold Musclehugger looks cute as Little Blue Peep in his 'girly-man' dress.
CGI: None

Written by: Mike Keyes & Jeff Abel
Ep #: 4-25
"This Scourge guy is rotten to the memory core!"
A video game called Scourge sucks Lydia and Beetlejuice into cyberspace, and they must outsmart the computer if they ever hope to escape.
Comments: This one is pretty cool. I guess it was supposed to be kind of like Tron, but it's not so much like it that it gets boring. Also, this may be the only kid's cartoon in which you hear someone (guess who) say the line, "It scared the living carp out of me."
CGI: None

Written by: David Finley
Ep #: 4-53
Mr. Monitor cancels Beetlejuice's show, and while Lydia gets her own children's show (which she hates), BJ goes to work in the mailroom. He quickly takes the opportunity to steal a colleague's show ideas and is rapidly promoted to Mr. Monitor's supervisor. But how long can it last?
Comments: This ep is okay, but kinda bland. The show ideas are abysmal, even for Neitherworld TV, but, hey.
CGI: None

Written by: Alan Bunce & J.D. Smith
Ep #: 4-52
Yes, this is a Wizard Of Oz spoof. Lydia is Dorothy, BJ is the Scarecrow, Jacques is the Bone Woodsman, the Monster is the Lion, and Ginger is Toto. But you'll never guess who's the Wizard...
Comments: I didn't like this ep at first, but then I watched it again. It's pretty good, actually. And the ending was a real surprise (to me, anyway).
CGI: It's a surprise ;)

Written by: Tony Marino
Ep #: 1-6
Beetlejuice has a run-in with a newly-hatched Sandworm, and Lydia accidentally calls him out of the Neitherworld while he's in contact with it, so they both teleport to the Outerworld. While the Neitherworld locals think that Beetlejuice is responsible for banishing the Sandworm and dub him a hero, the baby Sandworm is now in danger from a pair of human hunters. As much as BJ hates Sandworms, can Lydia ever convince him to help save its life?
Comments: This ep has its moments: I especially like the way BJ haunts those hunters. For some reason, I find the snowman bit ingenious.
CGI: The Grossery Store

Written by: Doug Molitor
Ep #: 4-1
Beetlejuice gets a bunch of famous dead historical figures to appear on Neitherworld TV.
Comments: Boy, this just keeps going, doesn't it? Lydia was smart and wasn't in this one.
CGI: Hysterical Historical Hairdos

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**Seven minute episode
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Written by: -- Who wrote that particular episode
Ep #: -- The season (first number) and the original airing order (second number)
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