Closed Caption Disassembly Documentation: Characters

The Closed Caption Character Set is divided into three classes: Standard Characters, Special Characters, and Extended Characters. There are two exceptions: "_" and "" (note that these are different from "{_}" and "{L}"). "_" is the blank character (explained in the next paragraph), while "" will appear in a CCD file translated from SCC if the program found an illegal character. CCASDI will refuse to convert a CCD file with "" characters into SCC format, so you will need to go through the file and turn each instance of "" into a valid character.

Standard Characters are written in CCD with a single character, usually the actual character to display. Because they are transmitted two at a time, there must be an even number of Standard Characters between each code. The special character "_", the blank character, must be added to the end of any odd set of Standard Characters. This character will not be displayed.

The sixteen Special Characters are actually codes, and like other codes are written between curly braces. Also like codes, Special Characters are always doubled up, with only one member of each pair being displayed. This means if you wish to display "à" twice you need four "{à}" codes. Half of the Special Characters are written with the display character between the braces, while the other half use abbreviations.

Sixty-four Extended Characters were added to the Closed Caption specification after it was originally incorporated into the Code of Federal Regulations. Since the CFR is free and the Extended Characters document is not, most (if not all) PC DVD players are incapable of displaying Extended Characters. This situation was taken into account when the Extended Characters were suggested. As a result, Extended Characters are treated differently than any other codes. To add an Extended Character, enter a substitute character (to display if the caption decoder does not support Extended Characters), followed by "_" if needed (since Extended Characters still count as codes), followed by the Extended Character in braces (only once). If the decoder supports Extended Characters, the substitute character will be replaced by the Extended Character. For example, if you wanted a character to say "¡OLÉ!", you'd write "!_{!}OLE_{}!_".

The following table lists all of the characters in the Closed Captioning Character Set, including information on the SCC hexidecimal equivalent for Channels 1 through 4, as well as how to type the character in Windows and Word environments if this isn't obvious. The Windows shortcuts consist of holding the Alt key down while typing a code on the numeric keypad, then releasing Alt to display the character (it will not work with the number keys on the top row of the keyboard), while the Windows shortcut involves holding one or more keys down while typing other keys in sequence ("Ctrl+~,n" means to hold the Ctrl key down while typing "~", then keep the Ctrl key down while typing "n", then releasing the Ctrl key).

CCDDisplay SCC All ChannelsUnicode Name Windows shortcutWord shortcut
  20 Space  
!!a1 Exclamation Mark  
""a2 Quotation Mark  
##23 Number Sign  
$$a4 Dollar Sign  
%%25 Percent Sign  
&&26 Ampersand  
''a7 Apostrophe  
((a8 Left Parenthesis  
))29 Right Parenthesis  
áá2a Latin Small Letter A With AcuteAlt+0225 Ctrl+',a
++ab Plus Sign  
,,2c Comma  
--ad Hyphen-Minus Full Stop  
//2f Solidus  
00b0 Digit Zero  
1131 Digit One  
2232 Digit Two  
33b3 Digit Three  
4434 Digit Four  
55b5 Digit Five  
66b6 Digit Six  
7737 Digit Seven  
8838 Digit Eight  
99b9 Digit Nine  
::ba Colon  
;;3b Semicolon  
<<bc Less-Than Sign  
==3d Equals Sign  
>>3e Greater-Than Sign  
??bf Question Mark  
@@40 Commercial At  
AAc1 Latin Capital Letter A  
BBc2 Latin Capital Letter B  
CC43 Latin Capital Letter C  
DDc4 Latin Capital Letter D  
EE45 Latin Capital Letter E  
FF46 Latin Capital Letter F  
GGc7 Latin Capital Letter G  
HHc8 Latin Capital Letter H  
II49 Latin Capital Letter I  
JJ4a Latin Capital Letter J  
KKcb Latin Capital Letter K  
LL4c Latin Capital Letter L  
MMcd Latin Capital Letter M  
NNce Latin Capital Letter N  
OO4f Latin Capital Letter O  
PPd0 Latin Capital Letter P  
QQ51 Latin Capital Letter Q  
RR52 Latin Capital Letter R  
SSd3 Latin Capital Letter S  
TT54 Latin Capital Letter T  
UUd5 Latin Capital Letter U  
VVd6 Latin Capital Letter V  
WW57 Latin Capital Letter W  
XX58 Latin Capital Letter X  
YYd9 Latin Capital Letter Y  
ZZda Latin Capital Letter Z  
[[5b Left Square Bracket  
éédc Latin Small Letter E With AcuteAlt+0233 Ctrl+',e
]]5d Right Square Bracket  
íí5e Latin Small Letter I With AcuteAlt+0237 Ctrl+',i
óódf Latin Small Letter O With AcuteAlt+0243 Ctrl+',o
úúe0 Latin Small Letter U With AcuteAlt+0250 Ctrl+',u
aa61 Latin Small Letter A  
bb62 Latin Small Letter B  
cce3 Latin Small Letter C  
dd64 Latin Small Letter D  
eee5 Latin Small Letter E  
ffe6 Latin Small Letter F  
gg67 Latin Small Letter G  
hh68 Latin Small Letter H  
iie9 Latin Small Letter I  
jjea Latin Small Letter J  
kk6b Latin Small Letter K  
llec Latin Small Letter L  
mm6d Latin Small Letter M  
nn6e Latin Small Letter N  
ooef Latin Small Letter O  
pp70 Latin Small Letter P  
qqf1 Latin Small Letter Q  
rrf2 Latin Small Letter R  
ss73 Latin Small Letter S  
ttf4 Latin Small Letter T  
uu75 Latin Small Letter U  
vv76 Latin Small Letter V  
wwf7 Latin Small Letter W  
xxf8 Latin Small Letter X  
yy79 Latin Small Letter Y  
zz7a Latin Small Letter Z  
ççfb Latin Small Letter C With CedillaAlt+0231 Ctrl+,,c
÷÷7c Division SignAlt+0247Alt+0247
ÑÑfd Latin Capital Letter N With TildeAlt+0209 Ctrl+~,N
ññfe Latin Small Letter N With TildeAlt+0241 Ctrl+~,n
|solid block7f Full Block[none][none]
CCDDisplay SCC ChannelsUnicode Name Windows shortcut Word shortcut
1 & 32 & 4
{reg}®91b0 19b0Registered SignAlt+0174 Alt+Ctrl+R
{o}°9131 1931Degree SignAlt+0176Ctrl+@, Space
{1/2}½9132 1932Vulgar Fraction One HalfAlt+0189 [none]
{?}¿91b3 19b3Inverted Question MarkAlt+0191 Alt+Ctrl+?
{tm}9134 1934Trade Mark SignAlt+0153 Alt+Ctrl+T
{cent}¢91b5 19b5Cent SignAlt+0162Ctrl+/,C
{L}£91b6 19b6Pound SignAlt+0163[none]
{note}eighth note91371937 Eighth Note[none][none]
{à}à 91381938Latin Small Letter A With Grave Alt+0224Ctrl+`,a
{ } 91b9 19b9Transparent Space  
{è}è 91ba19baLatin Small Letter E With Grave Alt+0232Ctrl+`,e
{â}â913b 193bLatin Small Letter A With CircumflexAlt+0226 Ctrl+^,a
{ê}ê91bc 19bcLatin Small Letter E With CircumflexAlt+0234 Ctrl+^,e
{î}î913d 193dLatin Small Letter I With CircumflexAlt+0238 Ctrl+^,i
{ô}ô913e 193eLatin Small Letter O With CircumflexAlt+0244 Ctrl+^,o
{û}û91bf 19bfLatin Small Letter U With CircumflexAlt+0251 Ctrl+^,u
CCDDisplay SCC ChannelsUnicode Name Windows shortcut Word shortcut
1 & 32 & 4
A{Á}Á 92201a20Latin Capital Letter A With Acute Alt+0193Ctrl+',A
E{É}É 92a11aa1Latin Capital Letter E With Acute Alt+0201Ctrl+',E
O{Ó}Ó 92a21aa2Latin Capital Letter O With Acute Alt+0211Ctrl+',O
U{Ú}Ú 92231a23Latin Capital Letter U With Acute Alt+0218Ctrl+',U
U{Ü}Ü92a4 1aa4Latin Capital Letter U With DiaeresisAlt+0220 Ctrl+:,U
u{ü}ü9225 1a25Latin Small Letter U With DiaeresisAlt+0252 Ctrl+:,u
'{lsq}9226 1a26Left Single Quotation MarkAlt+0145 Ctrl+`,`
!{!}¡92a7 1aa7Inverted Exclamation MarkAlt+0161 Alt+Ctrl+!
#{*}*92a8 1aa8Asterisk  
'{rsq}9229 1a29Right Single Quotation MarkAlt+0146 Ctrl+','
-{-}922a 1a2aEm Dash [Word shortcut must use numeric keypad minus] Alt+0151Alt+Ctrl+-
c{C}©92ab 1aabCopyright SignAlt+0169Alt+Ctrl+C
s{sm}service mark 922c1a2cService Mark Symbol [not accessible in Windows][none][none]
.{.}92ad 1a2dMiddle DotAlt+0183[none]
"{ldq}92ae 1aaeLeft Double Quotation MarkAlt+0147 Ctrl+`,"
"{rdq}922f 1a2fRight Double Quotation MarkAlt+0148 Ctrl+',"
A{À}À 92b01ab0Latin Capital Letter A With Grave Alt+0192Ctrl+`,A
A{Â}Â 92311a31Latin Capital Letter A With Circumflex Alt+0194Ctrl+^,A
C{Ç}Ç 92321a32Latin Capital Letter C With Cedilla Alt+0199Ctrl+,,C
E{È}È 92b31ab3Latin Capital Letter E With Grave Alt+0200Ctrl+`,E
E{Ê}Ê 92341a34Latin Capital Letter E With Circumflex Alt+0202Ctrl+^,E
E{Ë}Ë92b5 1ab5Latin Capital Letter E With DiaeresisAlt+0203 Ctrl+:,E
e{ë}ë92b6 1ab6Latin Small Letter E With DiaeresisAlt+0235 Ctrl+:,e
I{Î}Î 92371a37Latin Capital Letter I With Circumflex Alt+0206Ctrl+^,I
I{Ï}Ï9238 1a38Latin Capital Letter I With DiaeresisAlt+0207 Ctrl+:,I
i{ï}ï92b9 1ab9Latin Small Letter I With DiaeresisAlt+0239 Ctrl+:,i
O{Ô}Ô 92ba1abaLatin Capital Letter O With Circumflex Alt+0212Ctrl+^,O
U{Ù}Ù 923b1a3bLatin Capital Letter U With Grave Alt+0217Ctrl+`,U
u{ù}ù 92bc1abcLatin Small Letter U With Grave Alt+0249Ctrl+`,u
U{Û}Û 923d1a3dLatin Capital Letter U With Circumflex Alt+0219Ctrl+^,U
"{<<}«923e 1a3eLeft-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark Alt+0171Ctrl+`,<
"{>>}»92bf 1abfRight-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark Alt+0187Ctrl+`,>
A{Ã}Ã 13209b20Latin Capital Letter A With Tilde Alt+0195Ctrl+~,A
a{ã}ã 13a19ba1Latin Small Letter A With Tilde Alt+0227Ctrl+~,a
I{Í}Í 13a29ba2Latin Capital Letter I With Acute Alt+0205Ctrl+',I
I{Ì}Ì 13239b23Latin Capital Letter I With Grave Alt+0204Ctrl+`,I
i{ì}ì 13a49ba4Latin Small Letter I With Grave Alt+0236Ctrl+`,i
O{Ò}Ò 13259b25Latin Capital Letter O With Grave Alt+0210Ctrl+`,O
o{ò}ò 13269b26Latin Small Letter O With Grave Alt+0242Ctrl+`,o
O{Õ}Õ 13a79ba7Latin Capital Letter O With Tilde Alt+0213Ctrl+~,O
o{õ}õ 13a89ba8Latin Small Letter O With Tilde Alt+0245Ctrl+~,o
[{lb}{1329 9b29Left Curly Bracket  
]{rb}}132a 9b2aRight Curly Bracket  
/{\}\13ab 9babReverse Solidus  
/{^}^132c 9b2cCircumflex Accent  
-{_}_13ad 9badLow Line  
-{|}¦13ae 9baeBroken Bar  
-{~}~132f 9b2fTilde  
A{Ä}Ä13b0 9bb0Latin Capital Letter A With DiaeresisAlt+0196 Ctrl+:,A
a{ä}ä1331 9b31Latin Small Letter A With DiaeresisAlt+0228 Ctrl+:,a
O{Ö}Ö1332 9b32Latin Capital Letter O With DiaeresisAlt+0214 Ctrl+:,O
o{ö}ö13b3 9bb3Latin Small Letter O With DiaeresisAlt+0246 Ctrl+:,o
s{ß}ß 13349b34Latin Small Letter Sharp SAlt+0196 Ctrl+&,s
Y{yen}¥13b5 9bb5Yen SignAlt+0165[none]
C{x}¤13b6 9bb6Currency SignAlt+0164[none]
/{bar}|1337 9b37Vertical Bar  
A{Å}Å 13389b38Latin Capital Letter A With Ring Above Alt+0197Ctrl+@,A
a{å}å 13b99bb9Latin Small Letter A With Ring Above Alt+0229Ctrl+@,a
O{Ø}Ø 13ba9bbaLatin Capital Letter O With Stroke Alt+0216Ctrl+/,O
o{ø}ø 133b9b3bLatin Small Letter O With Stroke Alt+0248Ctrl+/,o
+{ul}upper-left corner 13bc9bbcBox Drawings Light Down and Right [none][none]
+{ur}upper-right corner 133d9b3dBox Drawings Light Down and Left [none][none]
+{ll}lower-left corner 133e9b3eBox Drawings Light Up and Right [none][none]
+{lr}lower-right corner 13bf9bbfBox Drawings Light Up and Left [none][none]

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