Sparky Raves Speaks
This section focuses on actual mistakes made by the writers and animators who worked on the show. While the Soapbox concentrates on things the writers never bothered to explain, this one is more for things that they did explain and then later contradicted.

The Soapbox
If you're feeling brave you can click this one...This is the page where I take a deep breath and try to explain things in the Beetlejuice universe that contradict themselves or just plain don't make sense. Here you'll find (hopefully) all you ever wanted to know about the Neitherworld and the beings that inhabit it (i.e., what is a ghost, and how is it different from a ghoul, a spectre, ect). Don't worry, I'm not going to explain everything. ;^)

Beetlejuice Merchandise
Stuff! Stuff! Come see stuff based on our favorite show!

Beetlejuice Hoodie
I designed and knitted this sweater.

Sparky's BJ Art Collection
My small collection of Beetlejuice cels and backgrounds used in show production.

Cursor 1, Cursor2 and Animated Cursor 1, Animated Cursor 2
Beetlejuice cursors to download for your PC, courtesy of Avista.

Lydia Tattoo
This is about as Miscellaneous as you can get. ;) This is a tattoo designed and on Bill Butler, who was kind enough to send me a photo.

Beetlejuice Buddy Icon
This AIM Buddy Icon was sent to me by Ben de Ayora.

Another BJ Buddy Icon
A non-animated icon sent to me by Candi.

Lydia Return to The Neitherworld.

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