(or, The Evolution of the Penguin Throughout Batman's History)

In August of 2003, while casting about for a character to play on Project Infinity MUX, I landed on the idea of applying for the Penguin. I was looking for a villain with a singular schtick as well as a sense of humor, cunning as well as ruthless, and perhaps - because I'm just that way - a little silly, but still capable of real evil. I had set my sights originally on Doctor Octopus from Spiderman fame, but then it's a little hard to hide four ten-foot steel tentacles under your raincoat whenever you want to pop down to the Quik-Stop for an Almond Joy. Besides, Otto's not that much for cracking jokes, let alone a smile. Anyways, although I did get the character, I never really did wind up being able to play him that much (can you believe few people actually wanted to scene with the Penguin??). But I still decided to make a website for him.

So, what will you find here? Well, information - raw or otherwise - on the character of the Penguin, as he has appeared in the comics, animation, and live action (television as well as movies). Oh yeah, and I threw in some information on penguins themselves, because I felt like it. If you have some information I can add to this site, and you're wondering if I want it, yes please. 8^) Do send it along, my email addy's at the bottom of the page.



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This website is for fan purposes only. The Penguin and other related characters are all copyright DC comics. Please don't be tacky and steal any of my research to pass off as your own, but do feel free to make use of this information as you see fit as long as you at least give me some credit. That's all I ask. 8^) You can always reach me here, only please put in the header what webpage you are referring to.