Perhaps you are interested in joining a very fine fan club to our friend Popeye?

Not to mention, of course, the rest of us, without whom Popeye would surely be lost.

Without you, he would be a rich man for sure!

You speak nonsense. I have helped Popeye out of a bad scrape on many occasions. My mastery of the English language and its usages have benefitted my companions time and time again.

It has also benifitted your belly, you lazy moocher!

Perhaps that is true, but it has long been my philosophy that those with ample intelligence are above having to work for their supper.

Pooey! You and your hoity-toity speeches! While the rest of us toil day and night to feed ourselves! Flies in my soup!

Well said, my friend. Now, if you will pardon me--I have to see Miss Oyl about a roast duck.

Yes there is an official Popeye fanclub. Members receive a highly educational newsletter four times a year (kind of like Popeye 101), and a catalogue of Popeye merchandise if requested. Members are also invited to attend the annual Popeye's Picnic in Chester, Illinois--home of Popeye.

Official Popeye Fanclub Homepage

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