Ah! Here is a place to discuss that no-good-for-something Wimpy behind his back!

Beg pardon?

Yes! We shall derate him night and day! Care to join us in our mockery?

Again, I beg your pardon. These good people did not come here to speak ill of me.

Oh no? Let us see what they have to say! Come on in, all my friends, and tell the world what you think of this bum standing here next to me!

Not to contradict my friend, but: do not listen to one word that balmy bat has to say. This is a Popeye forum. It is for discussion of the Popeye phenomonon. Speak of anything Popeye-related you care to.

Such as Wimpy being killed to death!

*Sigh* ...If you must. I shall bear no grudge. Now pardon me while I fetch my good friend Toar to do some heavy work for me...

Wh--What is it you are doing with that club??

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