The following was kindly sent to me by Scot Ennis:

I believe the "Popeye and Janie" mentioned in the Wimpy page refers to a long running TV show in Indianapolis hosted by a lovely girl named Janie ( don;t remember her last name ). The show ran on WTTV channel 4 from 1963 until probably 1970 or thereabouts. It featured the 1960 KFS Popeye cartoons mostly but also quite frequently showed earlier cartoons also. The show also featured daily episodes of Clutch Cargo and Space Angel and Funny Company cartoons. The show was, I believe 90 minutes long and aired weekdays at 4pm. I met Janie at the 1967 Indiana State Fair. She was racing slot cars in a big tent when I got her autograph on something. I wish I could help more.

Scot Ennis

Later I recieved the following email from Brian D. Smith:

Hi Sparky,

Stumbled across your site while doing some Web browsing and I saw the reference to the "cryptic" Popeye and Janie series. I can second what another person wrote to you, and supply additional details.

First off, however, I wanted to mention the page you may have seen:

This is utterly bizarre to me, and I'd love to find out how "Popeye and Janie" got mistaken for a movie. Here's what I know:

1. This was a kids' show on WTTV, Channel 4, in Indianapolis (well, technically, in Bloomington and Indianapolis). Its studios were in Bloomington, home of Indiana University, where Bobby Knight used to coach.

2. The years of 1963-1986 sound about right for the long run it had on Channel 4. The show had various names, but was best known as Popeye and Janie.

3. Its host was Janie Hodge, an Indianapolis teacher (who, last I heard, still lived in Indianapolis and still taught).

4. Janie was the host of the show. So, she would announce the cartoons and sometimes sing and play a ukelele (if memory serves).

5. The information on the site is very strange. The people named as stars were as follows: Bob Glaze -- this was another kids' show host who went by the name of Cowboy Bob. Richard Lugar -- This is the former mayor of Indianapolis who's now an Indiana senator. Janie Woods Hodges -- The host, but I think her real name was simply Janie Hodge, not Hodges. Woods may be her maiden name. Matt Hodges -- I don't know him, but I wonder if he's the son or husband of Janie, and if his real name is also Hodge. There's a local drummer by that name, but I don't know if it's the same guy.

6. I have no freaking idea why this page mentions "rated R for terror violence and a scene of sexuality." Terror violence on Popeye and Janie??? Not unless you count the times Popeye punched out Brutus, etc. As for a scene of sexuality, Popeye's courtship of Olive Oyl is about as steamy as it got. Unless someone happened to have the hots for Janie herself. But then it also mentions "Family, Animation," so how could it be R-rated? I'd sure love to see the so-called "movie" that this describes. Sounds like someone's confusing a kids' show, and the years it ran, with some R-rated movie, and blending the information into something no one recognizes.

7. Anybody interested in more information about Popeye and Janie, or Janie herself, should contact WTTV, Channel 4, in Indianapolis. They have (or at least had) a PR lady who can answer questions about the station's history. Start here:

8. Here's a shot of a Channel 4 poster that includes Cowboy Bob (top left) and Janie (center right, just to the right of the three puppets and the "4WTTV").

9. Hardcore Popeye or Janie fans can also buy WTTV's 50th anniversary videotape.

10. Stories about WTTV's 50th anniversary have appeared in Indianapolis Monthly magazine ( and the Indianapolis Star (

How do I know all this? I wrote the story that appeared in Indianapolis Monthly. Now if someone could just tell me how Popeye and Janie became an R-rated movie ...

Sparky, I hope this helps you out. Thanks for a great Web site.

Best regards from Indy,
Brian D. Smith