Ah! So, you're looking for a way out, are you?

Please, sir! Do not encourage them!..My friends, these are merely suggestions pertaining to other, less meaningful locations on the Internet that you might, at a later date, consider visiting.

Forget it! It is a lost cause! They wish to leave us!

Must you be so antagonistic? Calm yourself, sir!

All right...I am calm.

Good. Now, if you good people will kindly step back onto the main page, I am sure you will find something else on this site to capture your interest.

Oh just let them go. I am sure they are eager to get away from you.

To that, my friend, I have no comment.

Hah! This is an historic day! Wimpy with nothing to say!

That reminds me of a story--

Could I stood it?? NO!!

Popeye Comic Strip
Get your daily dose

The Fleischer Brothers' Popeye Cartoons
Yes, dedicated to the black-and-white Fleischer Popeye cartoons of the '30's and '40's.

DVDToons! - DVD Features - Segar's Popeye Turns 75
My brother found this article for me

They sometimes have Eugene the Jeep plushies in stock, among other Popeye items

The Unnofficial Popeye Page
Features a page all about Wimpy!

Salty Steve's Popeye Page
Includes reviews of all the cartoons on the Volume I set.

Anime Popeye
Okay, I think this is seriously the greatest thing I have ever seen. Please don't take the thorazine dig too hard.

Bruce Lee and the Chinese Popeye
The above is not a typo.

The Internet Movie Database
Go here to find information on the Popeye movie and animated shorts

Do a search for 'Popeye' for great Popeye books

My favorite haunt. Amazing Popeye finds!

Brunching Shuttlecock Ratings
A very...tongue-in-cheek view of the most prominent cast of the Popeye cartoon

Pastor Steve's Popeye Page
Pastor Steve is a fellow member of the Popeye Fan Club and has some great insights on Segar's creations on his page.

StreamPlug Presents Popeye's Episodes In High Quality Streaming!
Apparently these are downloadable Popeye films. I haven't tried dl'ing anything myself so I don't know if they work or are really high quality or anything.

On "Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape"
I'm not even quite sure what this is but it looks interesting.

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