WHAT?? WHAT is this???

Ah...it is but a magnificent shrine to my humble self.

GAH!! NO!! This must NOT be allowed to exist! Will you join me, my friends, in destroying this vile thing?

Please sir, do not interfere with greatness.

Greatness?? You, who stands there, the glutton, stuffing his face as we speak?

Certainly. I am merely nourishing my greatness.

Bah! Pooey! I spit upon your so-called greatness! I am leaving!

Please do not knock over my offerings of delicious hamburgers (with pickles and onions both) on your way out, sir.

...Does anyone know the way to Gotham City? I go there to gobble shoes! Bah!

Yes, this is my humble tribute to one of my favorite comic characters of all time: J. Wellington Wimpy, resident moocher of the Popeye cartoon. Now, I don't want Wimpy to overhear all of what I want to say, so click on the strip above to go to the beginning of the Homage To Wimpy.

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