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Hosted on your site is valuable knowledge on the SCC format. Thanks to you we were able to build our own SCC converter!
9 February 2024 - Montreal, Canada

Webmaster comments   You're referring to my brother's section of the site, I'll let him know :)

Thank you for all the information!
8 February 2024 - Montreal, Canada

Found via Wiby! Love the site, hope you are well and excited for BJ2!!
22 December 2023 - United States

Nick Moon |
It would be great if they released the BJ series on DVD...I love coming to your page when i am sad, it cheers me up looking at the ghost with the most! *hugs you*
26 November 2006 - Edmonton, AB, Canada

The Late Robert Philcox |
awesome site! what happened to tho...?

p.s: I'm just late for most things
25 November 2006 - South Africa

Webmaster comments   I don't run, so I don't know anything about it.

Sammy Horne | |
beetlejuice rocks
23 November 2006 - Pennsylvania

Zolth |
Dag gum it! When is a DVD box set coming out? I remember reading years ago that some episodes never got to air, so hopefully a few unrealeased will be added to the bunch. I love the goodey episode & Raging Skull is my fav.
18 November 2006 - FL

jessica |
I used to watch the cartoon when I was three or four every Saturday. I even had a red and white striped shirt with a white cat on it that I just had to wear when I watched. My "Beetlejuice shirt." But I completely forgot anything about the show, even when it reran on Nickelodeon. So I have very abstract, yet happy memories...
11 November 2006

Adam |
Whats the song they play at the end of the movie where Lydia is dancing above the railing?
1 November 2006

Webmaster comments   "Jump In Line (Shake, Shake Senora)" by Harry Belafonte.

Lora |
Very nice website ! Add to my favourites !
BJ is an amazing cartoon !
Love soooooo much !!!
23 October 2006 - France

Cynthia | |
Great site! I love the old cartoons and am always searching to find them as , sadly I do not own any. Nice to see the prankster still around! Thanks for the good work!
21 October 2006 - Ransomville, NY

MasterYugi aka Jill | |
Hi I like your BJ site! I actually MET him at Universal Studios 4yrs back in spring 2001 on vacation when I went. I went to his music concert and it rocked! I want to go see him again someday... THIS IS THE TRUTH/.. ^_^ Happy Halloween 2006 yall.. Boohaaa,.. Like monsters? Well, I got a anime site called Yugioh based upon the popular monster anime hit and card game. Visit sometime.. Keep up nice job.. Say HI To BJ for me! Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!
7 October 2006 - NJ, USA

Joscelin |
I am being Lydia for Halloween and making the costume myself and I'm pretty freaking excited!! One of my guy friends is going to be Beetlejuice and we'll have a blast!!
Awesome site, I love the recipes!!
2 October 2006 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Katie | |
Fantastic site! After coming here, I realized how much I LOVE and miss this show. Great to see that it still has such a good following!
24 September 2006 - USA

jennifer courneyea |
hey, this is a nice site, keep up the great work! i saw beetlejuice the movie and i loved it! michael keaton played beetlejuice so well and i loved how winona ryder played lydia too. i loved the settings and how the characters looked. it was a great movie and recomend it to anyone looking for a great movie to watch but can't find one out their.
24 September 2006 - canada

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