Yes, yes...there was some sort of live-action movie created which was loosely based on the exploits of Popeye, myself, and a few other persons.

Such as me!

Beg pardon...have we met? Your name is..?

GAH! Not this again! Here--here is my business card, so you cannot do this anymore.

Fine penmanship.

Thank you.

As for this movie, it was made in the illustrious 80's and starred the fine actor, Paul Dooley.

Do not forget that epitome of acting perfection, Richard Libertini!

I'm sure I would not know. In any case, it was not such a bad movie, considering.

Considering that your character was not killed to pieces by mine! Pooey!

Well, there's that...and the fact that despite the movie, I am not now a rising cartoon star, as I rightfully should be.

And me! I should be rich and famous also!

I'm surprised you were even in the movie. I'll bet a million people didn't know who you were.

BAH! Ptooey on you! I wish a thousand curses on you! You and all your miserable, worthless, leeching family!

Thank you very much Mr...what was the name?


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