Now, I know that many Popeye purists were not happy with this movie, but I love it. The sets, the costumes, the songs--too much fun! I was about six when the movie came out, and we didn't go to see it in theatres. Instead, the first time I saw it was once when the family was vacationing in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. While my parents went off to gamble, they left my brother and I in a video arcade, which had a 'movie room'. An attendant walked around, telling kids there would be a movie showing in a few minutes. So we went. They showed Popeye. I loved it! Wimpy! There was Wimpy, in the flesh! Hurray! When it was over, they recued it to play for the next batch of kids, but I chose to stay to see it again. I would have watched it all the way through that second time but my parents showed up and dragged me away. I went looking for stuff about this great movie on the Web some time back and came up with nothing. Horrors! Hence this small tribute.

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