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6/10/13 - Fixed the link to Alternate Yume Nikki, thanks to Matt.

12/11/12 - Updated the Links page, again. Hopfully these downloads work better.

11/19/12 - I have been updating the Links page over the past month or so.

6/18/11 - Try my page explaining how to install Yume 2kki and .flow in the Links sections and let me know if anyting doesn't work. Thanks to Esai Falcon for sending me a patched version of .flow.

3/17/11 - Various new content, mostly Theories, but check the maps, FAQ and the Crafts section as well. I am now caught up with submissions, from up to almost a year ago. :/

4/24/10 - New link to a GamingPixie.com review by Rochelle.

2/16/10 - Added new links for Yume 2kki, .Flow, and some music (thanks Krennthief!).

1/22/10 - New fanart by Spydr.

1/14/10 - New theory by Skullketon; new music upload by Spydr.

11/21/09 - New theory by Shannon.

11/18/09 - New fanart by Fei Coon.

11/11/09 - New theories by Takazi Kisaragi and Alex Martin.

10/12/09 - New theories by Takazi Kisaragi.

9/5/09 - New theory by Fabio and new fanart by beastofbloodgaara.

7/13/09 - Added a DIY project to the Fanstuff section: make your own Uboa shirt!

8/10/08 - Site open. I couldn't find a Yume Nikki fansite, and I thought that was weird. The game seems popular enough among the English-speaking world, and I feel like I'm "late" in discovering it...oh well, we're open now! If you have anything to send along, please do so. Also, I do not speak, read, or write Japanese. At all. So if you do and you want to contribute by examining websites and game code that are only in Japanese and translating for this site, that would be awesome too. Thanks. ~Sparky

The Outerworld

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