As my colleague is not qualified to speak on this particular medium, I will field this part of the tour on my own.

Myself, Popeye, and a few other of E.C. Segar's characters were first brought to the screen in 1933 by the talented filmmaker Max Fleischer. The cartoons continued to be made by the Fleischer studio until 1942. Paramount / Famous Studios took over our exploits until 1957, after which we passed into infamy.

You may recall a particularly absurd incarnation of our friend Popeye in something titled Popeye and Son a bit later on, but our Webmistress has no information on this and therefore it is not mentioned here beyond what I have already recited. The same goes for 1968's Popeye series and something even more cryptic, 1963's Popeye and Janie series. Not to mention that little-remembered concoction regarding Miss Oyl and the Goon as privates in the army. If you have any information to share on these shows--for, after all, history is history--kindly contact the Webmistress. Thank you too much!


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